Connect195 started in the midst of Covid-19 Pandemic. It was a painful and struggling time for lot of talented professionals who lost their jobs and had no means to look for relevant work. Also, a lot of companies were also facing issues for re-hiring after laying off many employees.


The traditional HR processes that connected interested with companies were also inefficient and slow to cope with the quickly changing scenarios and newly founded startups with varied job skills required by them. Connect195 and its founding team took it upon them to find the inefficiencies in the current processes and remove them to help more people find jobs quickly and also help companies to grow their business at a faster rate.


Connect195 started by doing a market research to figure out the actual problems faced by companies and employees. Based on that, our team figured out that there is a huge problem to fix in the market of sales for companies and a lot of business development professionals who are either looking for work or working in a market which they don’t like. Our team was inspired to build a solution for t hem, so we started our working based on insights from our market research.


Connect195 is a sales based platform which connects business development professionals looking for work with companies looking to sell their products.